moby-innocenets-launchAs you may or may not know, Moby has made it possible for filmmakers to commission selected tracks from his catalog for free via his mobygratis service. It’s actually pretty generous when you come to think of it. When I was in pre-production I was thinking about music for THE EXAM and I had this little service tucked away in my back pocket for just the right project. This was the right project. Drony, ambient, anxiety-inducing tones. Perfect.

I just added an embedded Soundcloud player to the sidebar on the left for everyone to get a little taste of what’s to come. I’ve only commissioned two tracks, the rest were just inspiration.

Turn off the lights, give it a listen and good luck sleeping tonight.

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Goals For The Future

Everyone needs goals. Here are my current ones. Five simple steps to a more fulfilling creative career.

  1. Write more.
  2. Make more films.
  3. Make money writing and making films.
  4. Expand to other forms.
  5. Sleep more.

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