Should Theaters Have Reserved Seating?

Before the madness of the holidays kicked into high gear last year I wanted to make a last-ditch attempt to see a film that was part of BAM’s Sunshine Noir series. ¬†So many choices but one was clear — Altman’s THE LONG GOODBYE.

It’s our usual night out, Linda and I do the dinner and a movie thing. We go to BAM because the theaters have good sound, it’s close, clean and of course, it’s curated by some of the city’s best film programmers. This series was no different, in fact I wanted to see more than I humanly had time for and unfortunately missed many noir gems. (more…)

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As you may or may not know, Moby has made it possible for filmmakers to commission selected¬†tracks from his catalog for free via his mobygratis service. It’s actually pretty generous when you come to think of it. When I was in pre-production I was thinking about music for THE EXAM and I had this little service tucked away in my back pocket for just the right project. This was the right project. Drony, ambient, anxiety-inducing tones. Perfect.

Here is a sample for everyone to get a little taste of what’s to come. I’ve only commissioned two tracks, the rest were just inspiration.

Turn off the lights, give it a listen and good luck sleeping tonight.

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