BlueCat Feedback


I entered my short script, THE EXAM, into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition run by Gordy Hoffman. Here's what he had to say about it:

You do a good job of intriguing the audience without giving them a lot of information.  This is good, because it builds mystery, and also impressive, because we as the audience don’t even understand the full level of the stakes for the majority of your script...This, in the end, made for a very interesting reading experience; I can say with honesty that I wanted to see what happened in the end, and was along for the ride from beginning to end.  Excellent work with structure here!  I’m certain other readers will feel similarly because you did such a nice job with this.

I also thought your dialogue was good.  It was easy to differentiate between characters based purely on the way that each one spoke; this is usually a sign of good character development, as it came across that each one was a distinct individual.  Nice work here, too.

I excluded certain details for the sake of mystery. Of course, there was the "What Needs Work" section. What? It's not perfect?