The 3X3 Project Production Wrap


I'm happy to announce that this past weekend marked the completion of production on all three of our Kickstarter funded films from The 3X3 Project, a collective comprised of Miguel Parga, Brian Dilg and myself. We are ecstatic, to say the least. All three films are now in various stages of post-production and are looking to be completed by year's end. IMG_2548

The wrap means many things to all three of us. Speaking for myself, it was my ring of fire. My last filmmaking experience, THE FACE OF THE EARTH, was a disaster in many ways. I didn't really know what I was doing but that didn't stop me. I was driven and that drive is what made that film happen. You need that drive. I learned a lot but walked away with probably the most value lesson for my next go-around. What not to do.

Regardless of how it turned out it did get made and it was finished. As finished as a film can be with an entire five pages, give or take, not shot. That was 2005. About a decade ago. Needless to say, I was still creating. I had a son and moved apartments three times. I wrote some scripts, dove into writing television which was completely new and freeing at the same time. A lot transpired. I vowed the next time I would make a film it would be different and it was.


As some of my collaborators on THE EXAM, the ones who I took with me from THE FACE OF THE EARTH, can attest, I came locked and loaded. Preparation was everything. I was in pre-production for three months because I had to be. There was no way I was walking on the set of my own film and not being an absolute expert on how to make THE EXAM. I knew if I didn't it would have been a failure. A failure I probably wouldn't be able to recover from. I had to prove to myself and to the cast and crew that I was one with them. That I wasn't some flake who was going to waste everyone's time.

In the end, it was fluid, a well-oiled machine so they say. Everyone felt comfortable and there was much humor which is essential. With a laundry list of to-dos, set-ups, things that can go wrong and making your days, you need to just step back and take a breath and smile. All of these people are busting their collective asses for you. To make your thing happen. I'm forever grateful to everyone who made me feel like all I had to do was ask and it would happen.

Now that I'm in post-production, I get giddy when I look at the footage because all that preparation paid off. The film is months away from completion but I can't wait for the world to see it. It goes without saying that all this would have never happened in the first place if our Kickstarter backers didn't believe in is and for that, again, I'm forever grateful.