The New Blog

Why? It's a valid question. Why start another blog? No one reads them. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the shorthand we're all using. Brevity is everything. Attention spans are short so I'll keep this brief. Some of you may or may not remember a film blog I curated called This Savage Art. No? Okay, well, bear with me. It was a grab bag of basically whatever, film-wise. It was a personal site for my film work, a place where I passed along interesting film news, technical info, basically all things screenwriting and filmmaking. I met new people in the industry through it and it kept me in the loop. That's what I'll try to do here but different.

This will be more of a place for news about progress of my screenwriting and filmmaking along with more long-winded opinions that I can't jam into a Facebook status update. It's basically my parking spot in the industrial park that is the interwebs. More thought, less ADD. The criteria for posting: if I can fit it on Facebook, I'll post it here. If I have something I'm burning to talk about, you'll find it here. And of course there will be some overlap. So feel free to come and go as you please but consider yourself always invited.

That's right, I'm bringing blogging back.