Vimeo On Demand

SOME GIRL(S)So I've been pretty intrigued by this VOD service that the video sharing site Vimeo has launched. I think it's a step closer to what we can expect in the future, one that not only bridges the gap between creator and audience but makes it a plausible platform for artists to actually create a viable revenue stream where the split is 90/10 in favor of the filmmaker. Filmmakers with Vimeo Pro accounts ($199/year) can offer up their content at a price of their choosing for rent or download. Here are some features that come with Vimeo Pro:

- 50 GB of Storage - No bandwith caps or time limits - HD video (up to 1080p) - Mobile, tablet and connected TV capability

The On Demand section of Vimeo touts some interesting titles such as the Sundance 2012 selection I AM NOT A HIPSTER and the Jeremy Irons starring doc TRASHED. Two higher profile filmmakers to dip their toes in the water are writer Neil LaBute and filmmaker Daisy von Scherler Mayer with their feature SOME GIRL(S). If the film does well or other notable filmmakers follow suit I bet we can expect more and more creators opting for this distribution model. I'm curious to see what kind of attention the service gets once "name" filmmakers commit to selling their films this way.

Could this mimic the trend started by such successful Kickstarter campaigns like Veronica Mars and Zach Braff's GARDEN STATE follow-up?  Throw in say, a David Lynch or a Harmony Korine, along with a little social media and I can see the possibilities.